Buy yourself something

A DVR, you know a digital video recorder or a VCR, or a betamax, or some Fred Flintstone bird that does stone carvings I don’t care. The point is, you must be able to walk away from the television for her. If she wants to talk or go somewhere or whatever, turn off the damn TV and give her your complete attention. Oh, and don’t roll your eyes and sigh heavily when you do, trust me that’s not good.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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4 Responses to Buy yourself something

  1. samantha baita says:

    huh? ummm….. OH, now I get it. Boy is that true, especially the “don’t roll your eyes” part. Are you sure you’re a guy?

  2. thestrongestpathislove says:

    I love it, so true!

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