Speak French

It is the language of love, but you don’t need to spend years learning to speak like you were born with a silver croissant in your mouth. The only French words you need to know are; Je t’aime ma Chérie. (Don’t say “mon Cher” unless you are talking to a guy or you happen to be in love with Cher.) This phrase means, “I Love You my Darling.” and is specific to Her. It is pronounced zhoo (zh like the g in mirage) tem (you know like in “tem”) ma shayree. Say it with me; zhoo tem ma shayree. There! Speaking like a Parisian already. Oh and you might want to learn just one other phrase; “vous avez raison ma Chérie.” It means; “You’re right my Dear.”


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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