Be Loyal and True

Okay, Arnold screwed up. All of the apologies and excuses mean nothing because there is never a reason good enough to validate cheating. He broke a vow, a trust, a commitment, a commandment, Her heart. There are many ways to show a woman that you love Her, adultery ain’t one of them. No more talk about Arnold.
You should do everything you can to let Her know She can trust you, and nothing to prove to Her that She can’t. That said, don’t for a minute think that She should automatically believe what you say and not question your honesty and integrity. People think trust is something others should blindly give them and spouses have a tendency to take major offense when She wonders if they are telling the truth, as if it is a personal attack. Since it is Her heart that She is entrusting to you, She has every right to ask about your intentions and whereabouts, even if you have never given Her a single reason to doubt you. So be patient and reassure Her of your loyalty and fidelity without becoming insulted or angry when they are questioned. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about Her. There is a Colombian saying; “Pagar por los platos rotos de otros.” Translated, it means; you pay for other people’s broken dishes. If a child breaks a dish, Mom is probably going to put the good china out of reach so other children can’t break them. In the same way, If She has been hurt by someone else, She is likely to expect the same from you, or, at the very least, She will be more inclined to try and protect Herself from the same damage and put the good china out of reach.
Once you have made a commitment to a relationship with Her, you still have not earned the right to Her complete trust. That trust is not something that can be earned like a paycheck; it can only be given, as a gift, and She will decide how and when that happens. The only thing you can do is make sure you give Her no reason to withhold it.
Oh yeah, and don’t sleep with the maid.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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2 Responses to Be Loyal and True

  1. C.E. W. says:

    once again, right on target…….i hope guys are reading this

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