Don’t Change the Rules

Situations, people and circumstances change. There is no good reason for that to affect the personal relationship you have with Her.
As life happens, we find ourselves adapting. Over time we change the way we do things in order to accommodate new surroundings and different situations. All that is fine. What you should resist, however, is allowing these changes to affect the way you treat Her. If, for years, you wake Her up every morning with coffee (very nice, by the way) and suddenly your job schedule changes and you go to work an hour earlier, find a way to keep your ritual alive. Get an automatic coffee maker, set it for the time She needs to wake up and call Her at that moment.
Maybe you have a long standing breakfast date. Every Sunday, you take Her to a ritzy restaurant and go hog wild on a champagne brunch, eating everything you both desire, regardless of the expense. Then, one day, your ridiculously high paying job is taken over by some computer and you find yourself in a phone bank reading from a script with a horde of twenty year old telecommunication service managers. You know, IHOP has quite an extensive menu of nutritious and delicious breakfast foods served twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at very reasonable prices.
The one change that can be the hardest to overcome is a change in one’s self. The seven year itch, a mid-life crisis, trouble at work, hemmorhoids or any other depression inducing happening might make you act or think differently. If you have to write down the things you do for Her, or the way you speak to Her, or the manner in which you treat Her, in order to have some guidelines to follow when you are not feeling normal then write the list and follow it. By all means, take care of the problem, but remember, She deserves to be treated the same when you are upset as when you are happy. You cannot change the rules in the middle of the game and still expect anyone to follow it.
Oh, and if you act normal when you don’t feel it, eventually you will feel normal again.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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