Be There For Her

When She has a doctor’s appointment, be there for Her (in the waiting room).
If She must comfort a friend, be there for Her (nearby but out of earshot).
If She must go shopping for a new dress and needs someone to act as a blocker so She can negotiate the dangers of Macy’s semi-annual sale, suit up and be there for Her.
When She gets in a fight with Her parents, be there for Her (don’t try to make Her feel better by saying “Yeah, you’re folks are a real pain in the ass).
When She has had a bad day and just wants you to listen, be there for Her.
Often, She won’t let you be physically in the places She must go, regardless, you must be willing to be there. And, when She is talking, you can’t be thinking about something else.
You must be the one person She can absolutely rely on to be there for Her, wherever there may be.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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