Ugly Women

Anyone who has read my stuff knows that I believe She (big S) is beautiful and deserves all that I can do for Her. Your She, deserves your adoration, respect and love without limits or reserve. She (big S) is beautiful,…………. period.
That said, there are ugly women in the world. None of them rate the big S. Small minded, bigoted, arrogant and self serving, their ugliness can never be hidden by make-up, money or fame. Neither jewelry, an expensive car nor their own TV show can disguise it. A person, no matter how gorgeous a face, shows ugliness with anti-semitism and negates the image of a perfect body every time the word nigger is used. One cannot cover up a hideous heart while belittling the people around her. There are no beautiful gay-bashers or child abusers, no matter what we may see on TV.
I have included a link to an excerpt from the film “White Hunter Black Heart” that describes a beautiful blonde as an ugly woman. The language may upset some but the message is fairly clear.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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