Don’t Throw Things

Maybe you’ll get mad at someone or something. Maybe there is a situation that arises that frustrates you to no end. Maybe congress just pisses you off because they are stupid and you get so mad that you feel that you just have to throw something.
Of course your outburst is not directed at Her. It doesn’t matter.
She knows you aren’t lashing out at Her but; She sees the way you react and knows the potential is there for you to react to Her in the same way. If you punch a wall when you get mad or throw the newspaper when tot mom is in the news again, slow down and consider your reaction. A woman’s mate has a primal tendency towards physical resolution to negative input. Of course, the last thing you would ever do is hurt Her but the problem with blind rage is that it’s blind and doesn’t consider its target. Do your best to find some non-violent way to vent your frustration. I’m not suggesting that you take up needlepoint or start baking cookies when you get mad but, go to a batting cage or skip some stones at the lake. Chop some wood or hammer some nails. Find a way to ease your anger and frustration before you blow your top. You must be able to make a reasonable compromise between the Incredible Hulk and Gandhi.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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