Keep A Secret

No, I don’t mean keep secrets from Her. I mean, keep Her secrets. When She confides in you it can be tempting to share that confidence with someone else. Maybe you want to tell your best friend that She has eleven toes. Perhaps another family member should know She is afraid of the dark. One Saturday night you may find yourself regaling some drinking buddy with stories of your sexual escapades with Her. And maybe, just maybe, you feel that you just have to tell someone, anyone that She actually votes Republican.
Resist this temptation. She trusts you and you have a sacred responsibility to keep that trust. It doesn’t matter whether your best friend will tell anyone or not. And, with the possible exception of a serious drinking problem or other self-destructive habit where intervention is necessary, these are not your stories to tell. You must respect Her enough to keep Her secrets.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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