Follow Her Lead

If She is an alcoholic, quit drinking. It is not cool to have a harmless drink while She is at AA.
If She has a drug problem, don’t even think about smoking the occasional joint, or taking a sleeping pill once in a while.
If She is on a diet, do not keep an emergency stash of Snickers around for yourself.
Sometimes we reason, “I’m not the one with the problem so why should I have to compromise or suffer?” Face it guys, if you have a relationship with Her, Her problems are your problems. Support Her by joining Her. Even if it means quitting something you don’t do.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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2 Responses to Follow Her Lead

  1. jezibelle says:

    I just had a PTSD flashback of my ex-husband’s dreaded “snack cabinet” (which was not just a cabinet, but a whole wall-full of cabinets full of chips, candy, cakes, sodas, etc.) Maybe guys will read your blog so that I don’t have to have any new PTSD symptoms.

    • John says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading this stuff. I always love to know that someone is, at least entertained and possibly had a thought provoked from them. I always look forward to hearing your thoughts. Keep your chin up.
      Sincerely, john

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