I Lost My Brother Today

I lost a friend today whom I’d never met. He was just going to work and the sky fell in on Him. I’ve missed Him the last ten years, at every Saturday afternoon barbecue and Sunday football game.
I lost a child today who wasn’t mine. She was simply flying to see Grandma when everything turned upside down. I never got to see Her learn to ride a bicycle or try on Mommy’s make-up or grow to reach Her teens.
I lost a brother today who had a different last name. He was just doing His job as a firefighter when He ran into hell. I have missed Him telling His stories at every holiday meal and playing football at our family reunion.
We all lost someone ten years ago whether we knew anyone in New York, Pennsylvania or Washington or not. They had normal lives like us. They had trouble paying their bills and worried the same as us. They went to sleep and dreamed of the same things we do. They were a part of our community, our circle of friends and a part of our family.
Remember them and cherish those children who are still skinning knees and playing dress-up. Spend time at those barbecues to find out how your friend is doing at home and at work. Listen when your brother tells His lame stories at dinner and play catch with Him whenever you get the chance.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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