Einstein Was Right

Time is relative.
LL Cool J delivered a line in the film, “Deep Blue Sea.” Basically he said if you get your hands on a hot stove, a second can seem like an hour. Get your hands on a hot woman and an hour can seem like a second.
Some folks can take any moment and make it special.
Others tend to take special times and shrug them off merely as the passage of time; unimportant and fleeting, or they destroy them altogether. These are not happy people.
Make sure all of your moments are special. Stop and smell the flowers in the supermarket. Kiss Her on the sidewalk for no apparent reason. Send Her a postcard from the mailbox down the street. Put a mint on Her pillow. Stop by the pet shop to play with the puppies.
Do these things for you. Do these things for Her. Soon, all of your moments will feel special and, instead of watching the clock, you will look forward to the next moment.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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