Show Off

Guys like to show off. It’s in the DNA. We love to have people look at us in awe whether we are doing anything super spectacular or not. We always want those around us to think; “women want him and men want to be him.” Unfortunately, we, as a species, tend towards flamboyant displays rather than substance. Yelling at football games (even on TV) seems to make us think we are actually tough enough to play the game and, by some common delusion, makes us think that others believe that we actually had something to do with the combat on the field. We go to parties and speak louder than anyone else to be sure others know we are there. We drive aggressively so no one on the road will think they are better drivers than we. God forbid, we get cut off by some yutz who shouldn’t have a license because we will scream at him (over the sound of highway traffic) and flip him off (through our tinted windows) and even speed and swerve through traffic just to be sure he sees us reaching the off ramp in front of him. This posturing has nothing to do with other people’s perception of us (well, it does, but generally they will think we are jackasses) it has to do with our perception of other people’s perception of us. If we see someone acting this way we write them off as jerks with a desperate need for attention. That doesn’t stop us from acting the very same way.
You don’t need to act like Rico Suave or Charlie Sheen or Hulk Hogan to get noticed. If you are at a party with a group of your friends and She is across the room with a group of Hers and you want to be noticed, don’t make a big deal about it but, excuse yourself from your guys to get Her a drink, take it to Her, beg the girls’ pardon for your interruption, kiss Her cheek as you hand Her the drink and then go back to your posse. I promise, everyone in both groups will notice. If your insecure guy friends start ribbing you about being whipped, tell them that you know how She will treat you when you get home.
That’s certainly what the girl group will be discussing.




You big show off.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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4 Responses to Show Off

  1. Jezibelle says:

    Love it!… And, may I add, if you are Her and you don’t want Him to make an idiot out of himself, make sure you stroke that ego often. 🙂

  2. sam says:

    dang thats good. did you ever think of doing a book?

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