Love Ain’t Rocket Science

We humans seem to think that we should be able to control everything. We can change the terrain to accommodate our needs, create gasoline out of long dead animals, explore space and the deep recesses of our oceans. We marvel at our own magnificence. We, as a species are incapable of believing that anything is beyond us. As brilliant as we are, the simple truth is; without some other being’s help, we can do nothing. I don’t mean we can’t do much, I mean we can’t do anything.

That said, a farmer grows amazing food from dirt and water. An oil magnate converts layers of natural resources into fuel. Geneticists, some of the most brilliant people on the planet can do astounding things with tiny strands of DNA. Humans are, as a species, amazing.
Because we are so brilliant people in love will say, “if it’s real it shouldn’t be so hard.” or, “I’ve done everything right but still she treats me like crap, I don’t understand.” “If I do this then she will react this way.” Please pay attention. There is nothing anyone can do to completely control a relationship! In every endeavor you must deal with forces that are beyond your influence. You can’t turn your mate into something She is not any more than the farmer can grow a peach from a mustard seed (no matter how much faith he has). I don’t care if you read every self-help book or do everything perfectly. Control is an illusion as surely as it is with those brilliant scientists, oil men and farmers. Don’t believe me? Ask those guys where they get their oil, DNA or dirt.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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2 Responses to Love Ain’t Rocket Science

  1. Jessica says:

    The only control I have ever truly had is the remote control. 🙂 God doesn’t often let me forget it. Because when I do…!

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