Give Thanks

You thank God for the food. And for helping you find your keys.

You thank that customer service representative for allowing you to buy something you don’t need.

You thank your boss for an “atta boy.”

You thank a cop for writing you a ticket (yes you do).

You thank everyone who reads your blog for reading your blog. (Thank you, by the way.)

You thank your Sister for that birthday present you’ll probably re-gift to someone else.

You even thank that fast food staff for finally getting right the lunch order they screwed up to begin with.

How often do you thank Her for having a relationship with you?

For making your life easier better?

For making your life complicated interesting?

For giving you lunch?

For giving you kids?

For forgiving you?

This year, at a time when Americans tend to think about those things for which we are thankful, remember Her.

And to my Her;

Thank God for You. And thank You for Us.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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