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The ESPN Imbalance

Guys love sports. We’ve had The Wide World of Sports, SportsCenter from ESPN, competetive wrestling, bare knuckle fights, curling and chess. There is the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, WNBA, and the ADBAA. We have statistics committed to memory for players and … Continue reading

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No, I Don’t Mean Happy Holidays, I Mean Merry Christmas

This was printed in a couple of newspapers last Christmas and I think it bears repeating now. Merry Christmas! Some folks say that it is not politically correct to say “Merry Christmas” to You because You may take offense. Politically correct is … Continue reading

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The Meaning Of Life

The unanswerable questions that perplex the most brilliant minds on the planet must simply be accepted as beyond us. If we spend all our time pursuing the meaning of life we miss out on living it. These questions include; Why are … Continue reading

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Understanding Women

Understanding women is simple. Amaze you friends! Impress your peers! Step one; Get it through your thick skull that you will never understand women. Step two; Realize it is your problem, not Hers. Step three; Admit, (if not to Her than … Continue reading

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Have A Bad Day

In fact, have the worst day of your life. I wish you clouds and rain. Bitter cold and wind. Irritating people and chafing clothes. A hole in your soda straw and rodent raisins in your rice pudding. Every day that your … Continue reading

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I actually wrote this post as a comment on Mariah Webb’s blog at No guys, mostly they don’t like it. Just a bit of male input. First, I am not defending catcalls. They are certainly juvenile but, although abrasive to … Continue reading

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