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No guys, mostly they don’t like it.

Just a bit of male input. First, I am not defending catcalls. They are certainly juvenile but, although abrasive to you, they are rarely meant to be insulting. It’s just that our first thought, as guys, is not “be polite” when it comes to a woman to whom we are attracted and with whom we have no shot (if the guy believes there is a chance of actually meeting you he absolutely will not holler “Woohoo! Baby! Shake that thing!”) You’ll see that for sure if a guy in a car whistles at you while your walking and then gets caught at the next stop light. When you catch up to him he’ll be looking the other way with his windows rolled up or, with the windows down and music blaring making you believe he was just singing loudly to a heavy metal song on the radio. Except for the rare bozo who figures any girl who will respond to his brazen overtures is easy, most of the guys that will whistle or call out do it from a position of safety, say a moving car, bike or within a group of friends. It’s a way to pretend that there is a “relationship” (or the possibility of one) with an attractive woman without the awkward wounding of a turn down. If the woman in question is seen in the rear view mirror shooting the man a bird, he figures she is stuck up and can write her off as such. If she does nothing, he can imagine any number of possible responses she may have given if only he wasn’t already heading away. Too bad for her. And if she waves…………… know what?……..she never waves.

She should be treated better than that guys. Remember; capital “S.”


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It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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