Pay Attention Again

Getting caught up in life is one of the great relationship killers. Everybody gets so busy with working, paying bills, little league, car repairs, and the Real Housewives of Ottumwa Iowa that some of the most important things get overlooked. It is understandable; all of those distractions are squeaky wheels. They must be greased right now. You have to deal with that idiot at work right now. The kids need everything right now. The Real Housewives are on right now. But She is your woman all the time so there is no great hurry to tend to that relationship, right? She will be there when all the “right now” stuff is done, right? Yeah, probably, but………..

She requires attention from you. Not so She can survive (like the kids) and not so She’ll just shut up (like the morons at work) but so She can be the center of the universe, the focus of your life, the point from which you gather your strength. A small thing really and all it takes to make that happen is, every so often remind Her that She is the center of the universe, the focus of your life and the source of your strength.

So, once you’re sure the kids are okay, save work for tomorrow then turn off the damned TV and pay attention to Her!


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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