Keep Your Receipts

It is always a good idea to keep your receipts when you buy something for Her. You never know when something might be deductible or, more importantly, what kind of mistake you might have made. Whatever you bought could be the wrong color, the wrong style or the wrong pattern. Perhaps you purchased the “in” thing from last year and She is a bit more stylish than you. There are any number of reasons to keep the register tickets from any of your purchases but the most important ones are neither the IRS nor some oversight on your part.

When clothes shopping for Her you must spend lots of time picking out just the right style to match Her taste. Worry over selecting just the right shade to match Her eyes. You should be absolutely sure the cut is flattering to Her shape and the material breathes. After having agonized long over choosing just the right article, it is vital that you have the receipts available to Her so She can return the clothes you bought. No, this is not a bad thing since you will be buying clothes that are one size too small.

Admittedly, this is a tricky situation. If you do this but then endeavor to convince Her that She needs to try the clothes on anyway, you are slitting your own throat. If we’re talking shoes the rules don’t apply. They could cut off the circulation to Her big toe and She may still wear them. Also, if you’ve been together a long time and you’ve bought clothes for Her many times in the past She’ll believe that you’re just not paying attention to Her. All that aside, if a trip to Victoria’s Secret on your own or the ladies’ department at Macy’s is rather foreign to you, remember, one size too small and keep the receipt.


About John

It is important to me to treat women not just fairly but well.
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3 Responses to Keep Your Receipts

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    ‘Mick Jagger in a vacuum’ – you’re a scream! 🙂

    I love your header with all the blurriness but for the word ‘happy’ on the left, and then the clear ‘sincerely, John’. I’m in the mood to cruise today – tags etc – & am glad I came here! You made me laugh.

    I’ve never been graced with any Macy’s gear, or Victoria’s Secret… alas. But I didn’t understand the ‘one size too small & keep the receipt’? Do you mean you’d wear it then return it, saying it ended up being one size too small? Just curious!


    • John says:

      Hiya Noeleen,
      It’s nice to hear from You again. The one size too small only indicates the way I (he) sees Her. Not with rose colored glasses but women tend towards believing they would be perfect if only they were a smidge smaller, this lets them know that he sees Her as perfect.
      Thanks again for spending some time with me.
      Sincerely, john

    • John says:

      Hi Noeleen,
      I wanted to comment on your post about the F for Fail without forcing your devoted readers to put up with my two cents.
      For the last fifteen years I have had the honor of being stepfather to two kids who have a similarly oppressive and emotionally (and sometimes physically) abusive father. They have grown into exceptional adults who, with no small difficulty, have used the negative lessons of their Dickensian master to learn the proper way to treat others. I have no doubt that each of my kids will be able to raise children with the love and respect that a child should be able to expect from his or her parents.
      This Fall, I will walk my daughter (step is a legal title but not the one I hold in my heart) down the aisle where She will begin a life with a man who is not as good as She deserves but who, I believe will try to be. Inasmuch as I cherish the fact that I am the one who will give Her away, I can’t help but pity the idiot who, by action and inaction, force and complacency, intimidation and indifference has made that fact not only possible but necessary.
      My daughter is successful because She always strives for better and is looking forward to the rest of Her life. Her father is a failure because he cannot rejoice in the woman She has become.
      Know that your novel will be read and embraced by the right people (settle for no less for Yourself).
      Sincerely, john

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